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Do you have a business space in Bristol, Bath or Somerset that is lacking something? It is most probably pretty florals or interesting plants and we can help.

Our weekly or biweekly contracts can totally transform any space bringing style, notes of welcoming’s and brightening the mood among many other things.

Here at Isabloom we work to cater for your businesses every need and work closely with you to understand your style and what you would like to achieve by using our contract services. It may be cleansing the office air with a range of indoor plants, welcoming potential clients into the office, greeting guests at your reception etc. We work with a diverse range of clients from salons to hotels to offices creating a bespoke contract for each client and therefore understanding the correct blooms / plants for each varying environment. The delivery will be set for a day of the week and time that suits you and your business.

The style of our contract work solely depends on the client. We create modern and simplistic designs for corporate businesses alongside wild and bohemian displays for cafés and salons. Everything we do create has a slight Isabloom twist setting us apart from the competition as we will always be inspired by nature. You will find no green floral foam within our contract work as we stay as eco-friendly as possible.


Isabelle creates weekly bouquets for our place of work LUSH UK, she was able to work within our budget and create the most beautiful flowers for us to place around our store. The flowers vary each week and she puts them together in our store, directly into our vases, which is a blessing when working in a busy shop. Myself and the staff are always excited to see the flowers come in each week, and we regularly get complements from customers on our beautiful fresh displays. Working with Isabelle has been a really easy experience for us with exceptional results. I would recommend her to any other business looking for floral displays.

Lush Bristol

Flower hire service

Our new seasonal flower hire service offers beautiful floral displays for your businesses space created using the finest dried and silk blooms. They really do keep everyone guessing. We simply deliver to you four times a year to suit each season; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and you pay an affordable weekly hire charge.

Spring - March - June

Summer - June - September

Autumn - September - December

Winter - December - March

We offer two size options; small £15pw and large £20pw and have a minimum contract of two full seasons. There is no weekly wastage like there is with fresh flowers and it can help to keep costs down while everyone adjusts back to normal life.

We will be kick starting this offering with our Summer display in fresh whites and greens featuring dried eucalyptus for that welcoming scent.

To enquire about or begin any of our business to business flower contract services across Bristol, Bath and Somerset please...

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