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Aloe Vera Plant Aloe Vera Plant Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera Plant


Every house needs an Aloe Vera plant. The best natural remedy for any skin burns is the sap inside of the aloe plant. Perfect for the bathroom. The Aloe is from the succulent family. Pot size 12.

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Plant care - Water aloe vera plants deeply, but infrequently. In other words, the soil should feel moist after watering, but should be allowed to dry out to some extent before you water again. If the soil stays overly wet, the plant’s roots can rot. To ensure that you’re not overwatering your plant, allow the top third of potting soil to dry out between waterings. Generally speaking, plan to water your aloe plant about every 2-3 weeks in the spring and summer and even more sparingly during the fall and winter.

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