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Firstly, I would just like to say that I hope everyone, and their loved ones are doing ok today. I am sending lots of love and positivity your way along with thoughts of pretty Spring blooms. This is a stressful time that is full of fear for every single one of us but when you add in a wedding postponement to the mix it is hard. My heart goes out to all of my couples along with all of the other couples out there who have had to make changes to their dream day due to this global pandemic we find ourselves in. Of course, being in the industry I have been doing lots of research and want to share this and the tips I have been sharing with my clients to the wider audience. Hopefully couples can take away something helpful from this post. Just remember your special day is going to be ‘worth the wait’.

Let’s start by saying postpone, do not cancel. Do not let this situation lead you to cancelling your wedding day. Your wedding day is still meant to happen, still will happen and is going to be more special than ever. All of the deposits you have paid; to the venue and your suppliers etc. should be transferred on to a new date free of charge (this is how I work along with most others, but suppliers may vary). However, if you were to cancel the deposits are usually non-refundable (as our mine) so you would actually lose money that you have already spent. This may upset you which is understandable, but you have to remember your supplier has spent time with you; consultations, creating proposals, planning etc. and this deposit simply covers that time and any money that may have been spent out on materials. If your wedding was due to take place in either April, May or June 2020 it is being advised that you postpone as soon as you can. As much as it breaks my heart to say this I do have to agree. It is unlikely that social distancing will be lifted before this time. If your wedding was booked for a date within these months you will be coming to the time of paying final balances and once these have been paid it makes things a whole lot trickier when it comes to refunds. Once the balance has been paid it is usually non-refundable. This is however, something that will vary from supplier to supplier and needs to be discussed. Before contacting suppliers, it is a good idea for you to contact your insurers too as they can advise you and may have helpful options for you. If you are getting married post June 2020 it is being advised, you await further government announcements in the coming weeks. I really hope all of our summer weddings can still go ahead and I remain shedding positive thoughts on this.

Here are my top tips when it comes to postponing your wedding…

If you have reached the decision to postpone you will need to find the best date to postpone to. The most important one to re arrange to begin with is the venue. Get a few alternative dates from them, of course if the ceremony and reception are at different venues you will have to match these dates first. Then with say 3-4 new possible dates draw up a table and list all of your suppliers. Contact each one to get their availability on these dates. You will then need to contact your guests. Calling them is probably the best and quickest way. Add them to your table. Once you have a list of when the majority of your guests can reschedule to and your most desired suppliers you will be able to select your new date. Before doing this just keep in mind that not all of your suppliers will be available on the same new date as well as not all of your guests being available on these dates but that is just life and you have to have a strong positive mind set on this.

If you have to lose some suppliers, you will probably lose your deposits with them. Unfortunately this is just part of it so when choosing your new date do keep this in mind. You want to go with when the majority and most desired suppliers are available. It is then quite exciting that you get to go supplier shopping again and relive all of those pretty Pinterest boards you made. Just enjoy this time and do not waste time on this. Suppliers are going to be getting quite busy for the remainder of 2020 and 2021 postponing their own clients and taking on new ones. It is also a good idea to ask your existing suppliers that you are having to cancel if they have any recommendations. The may not want to offer this, but I am sure most will as we in the industry always try to support one another. Just keep in mind that these small business suppliers you are using are having a tough time not being able to work and are under a lot of stress and worry for their livelihoods.

You may already have countdowns going on. If you do reset these to your new date or start them now with the new date. You will be surprised how quickly these count down. You can do this on your phone or little personalised black boards or just on the fridge to create some new excitement.

Try not to let the opinions of others cause tension. Family and friends are probably going to have their say on your decisions, but you have to do what you feel is right as a couple. This is not a time for fall outs and tensions. People may decide to drop out of hen do’s, stag do’s and even the wedding. You have to respect their choice and remember this is a hard time for everyone and it is not personal.

Remember it is OK to be upset, it is OK to cry, and it is OK to be disappointed. Have a cry when you need to, have a day where you don’t get dressed until 3pm or at all and eat some cake! You have longer to fit in to the dress now anyway. Just be kind to yourself and give yourself a break. Do not focus on the wedding 24/7. Schedule in times where you work on it. You will find it is actually something to keep you busy.

Here are some things I do to look after myself and find I have more time to do during the current crisis which will help your mindset on this and your overall wellbeing which may have took a hit with the stress…

Stay positive, think positive thoughts

Be kind to yourself and others and radiate this

Get a good night’s sleep - 8 hours

Eat a healthy home cooked diet with some treats

Drink alcohol only twice a week and not a large amount

Ensure you get out once a day for your hour walk

If you have a garden use it. Fresh air is important and some vitamin D as well

Use Youtube and yoga teachers teaching online to practise yoga and meditation

Stay in touch with family and friends they are going to be there to support you the best they can

Do daily exercise with at home workouts

Take a relaxing bath and do a face mask once a week

Potter around and keep busy. Do all those things around the house you never get chance to do like sorting, cleaning and baking

Make a daily list to complete

On the original wedding date pop a bottle and have a little celebration. Don’t make it in to a bad day.

Stick together and support each other and remember this is going to be worth the wait.

Most importantly enjoy it, enjoy the ride, enjoy the planning, enjoy the extra time and look forward to your new special day.

Lots of love x

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