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Love them or hate them those electric scooters are painting the town coral! Back in September we helped VOI HQ create a real stir in Bristol city centre with this amazingly colourful pop up flower installation...

VOI wanted to come and talk to the people of Bristol about what they do, the ways in which they are making positive moves on the environment and generally just educate people about their brand and electric scooters. And if you popped by you would have also gotten a pretty awesome free helmet!

VOI approached us to come up with an install design to make them stand out and encourage people to come over and speak to them. I designed this cool space which also worked as a photo backdrop drumming up lots of engagement on VOI's social channels...

We used this artificial plant backdrop and attached the handcrafted branding letters which were made from fresh florals. The green plants really made the brands identity of coral stand out. To really achieve that coral colour palette I carefully selected naturally coloured seasonal flowers; anthurium, dahlia, carnations. The gyp flower poles created a gorgeous background for the coral and greenery to really stand out. We also worked plants into the poles to pick up the plant wall and tie it all together.

The star of the show was the VOI scooter itself! I designed this to look as if the flowers were growing over it and it worked really well and definitely caused a lot of interest!

We had such fun working with the brand on this pop up flower install in the centre of Bristol and cannot wait to work on more exciting projects like this this year!

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